The Gift of Love

Wrap them in your love and appreciation this holiday season with a one-of-a-kind personalized quilt! With your drawings, handwritten notes, family photos and more, our custom quilts make such special gifts for grandparents, parents, and just about anyone else on your nice list. Bring on the snuggles!

Order a quilt today and we will send you a beautiful card to give someone special! Please note: our end of year quilting schedule is sold out; the actual quilt will be sewn and shipped in early 2023.

Commission a Quilt Today

Please complete the following form to commission your quilt. We will follow up within one business day to obtain additional information about your custom quilt (colors, design, shipping address, etc.).

Custom squares refers to the squares that include your drawings, messages and photographs. Shipping and handling included (U.S. domestic only).

Woohoo! You did it! Now sit back, mull some wine, and enjoy the most magical of seasons.


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