Quiltlove customers have been rocking breast cancer gifts this spring, so much so that I figured they deserved to be showcased in a post of their own. Whether a loved one was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is marching through treatment cycles, or facing surgery, a personalized quilt uplifts the soul unlike anything else.

Take a peek at a few of my favorite breast cancer support quilts from the past few weeks. These quilts are all in Pinksplosion, but you can always choose your own colors to reflect your loved one’s personal taste.

#1. Faith and Family

Breast Cancer Gift

This quilt was gifted to a sweet mama by her mother-in-law, following a breast cancer diagnosis. It has themes of faith and family, and includes squares completed by four generations of family members! There are family photos, prayers, and the most tender poem, written and illustrated by the recipient’s mother. It’s an absolute beauty.

It’s gorgeous! It’s very soft and large enough to wrap herself in. I really appreciate Liz’s support and understanding as our family goes through such a difficult time.

Quilt organizer

#2. Purrtty (Massive) in Pink

The immediate and massive outpouring of support demonstrated in this breast cancer gift is top notch! The quilt recipient’s support network showed up in huge numbers following her diagnosis, with more than 50 people submitting images. In fact, participation was so great that I needed to add an extra column and an extra row to my standard quilt size to contain all their love. How about that, for a gift heaping with heart and soul?

There are also traces of a cat-theme woven throughout, making this quilt… purrtty in pink.

#3. Workwife

A group of colleagues gave this quilt to a member of their team following her breast cancer diagnosis and it really touched my heart. I love it because it shows you don’t need to be in a person’s inner most circle of loved ones to impact their life during a difficult time. You can just do it. These colleagues got together and in a matter of days had a very special gift underway to give to an important person in their daily lives.

Anyone can make a difference and peer support really does matter. Kind, concerned coworkers are my kind of team.

It can be difficult to come up with an appropriate gift following a friend’s breast cancer diagnosis. However, I assure you that you cannot go wrong with a handmade quilt. They are soft and snuggly, can brighten even the darkest of days, and are truly good for the soul.

Have you given or received a breast cancer support quilt? Who was it from and how did it make you feel? I would love to hear your story.

Sidenote: Did you hear that regular mammograms are now recommended for women ages forty and up? Add to recurring calendar, if you haven’t already.

As always, thanks for reading!


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