On February 2, President Biden reignited the Cancer Moonshot initiative. This program aims to reduce the cancer death rate by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years and improve the experience of people living with and surviving cancer, among other goals. While the government mobilizes resources, I immediately thought of the best gift anyone can give someone diagnosed with breast cancer.

I truly believe personalized quilts are the best breast cancer support gifts. They are a one of a kind representation of your love that provides:

  • Connection. Friends and family can literally wrap a loved one facing cancer in their emotional support with a quilt. This tangible representation of social connection can ease feelings of loneliness during time spent isolating due to chemotherapy.
  • Warmth and Weight. Our standard quilts weigh four pounds and are backed with warm sherpa, making them ideal blankets for cold chemotherapy treatment rooms.
  • Joy. Your colorful drawings and inspirational messages printed on the quilt squares are sure to bring joy, color and levity to sterile hospital settings.
  • Enduring Support. I love flowers and food following a difficult diagnosis, but they are not forever. A personalized quilt will provide an enduring reminder of your love.

Sample breast cancer support quilts

Check out some of the beautiful breast cancer support quilts we have made (sidenote: they don’t have to be pink).

Bring their support network together

You do not need to be a classic social “connector” to bring a group together to give a quilt to someone facing breast cancer. I have always found that support networks are looking for ways to show up for loved ones during difficult times. In most cases, people are more than happy to create a square for the quilt and grateful to be included. With squares priced at $25 each, quilts are also affordable for many people.

When identifying a group to participate in a quilt, consider friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues. Including members from different social circles will only make the quilt more meaningful to the recipient. If a meal schedule or crowdfunding campaign has been organized, contact people who have already demonstrated an interest in helping.

Give the best breast cancer gift today

Whether someone you know was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, or is further along in treatment, the time is always right to show your support. Giving a breast cancer support quilt is as easy as picking out a color palette and compiling a group of email addresses. They will be blown away by this gift and you will feel good too. I promise.

I look forward to seeing the work done by the Cancer Moonshot program, and could not be more supportive of the administration’s goal to end cancer as we know it today. To the moon and beyond!

As always, thanks for reading.


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