How long does it take to order and ship a quilt?

The entire process takes about 4-6 weeks. We recommend allowing 2 weeks for groups to purchase their squares and submit their art. Once the deadline for submitting art has passed, Quiltlove typically needs 2-4 weeks to create and ship each quilt. If you are purchasing a quilt for a specific date or occasion, we are happy to discuss expedited schedules.

What happens once I complete the quilt setup purchase?

Once we receive the information about your project and the setup fee, we create a project page for the quilt recipient’s friends and family to purchase squares (see a sample project page here). We email your group an invitation to purchase squares and the link to the page. We also send two email reminders as the deadlines for purchasing squares and submitting artwork approach.

Once the quilt is sewn, Quiltlove mails the quilt to the recipient with a card naming everyone who contributed. We will also email a picture of the quilt to everyone who participated.

How much does a quilt cost?

It costs $35 to set up a quilt (each setup purchase comes with two free squares). Individual squares cost $25 each and a minimum of 15 squares must be purchased for the project to be a go. Quilts ship for FREE (continental U.S. only).

What are the minimum and maximum number of squares to make a quilt?

Before a quilt is started, a minimum of 15 squares must be purchased. There is no maximum number of squares. The more the merrier!

What happens if our group doesn’t purchase the minimum number of squares?

If your group does not meet this minimum by the initial deadline, we will work with you to extend the deadline and/or encourage the group to expand the circle of supporters. Perhaps there are friends and family who weren’t included in the initial invitation. If the expanded group is still unable to meet the minimum and there is not a project champion who steps in to save the day, we will refund any squares that have been purchased and regrettably cancel the project. The initial quilt setup fee is non-refundable.

What should I use to make my art? Can I use photos?

Markers, oil pastels, and opaque paints are all great. Colored pencils, watercolors and crayons are not as well suited for digital printing and may appear faint. That said, we are big proponents of using what you already own for art supplies! You can also submit a photo to be printed on your square, if you choose.

Can I use digital art for my square?

Yes! Please use a minimum resolution of 200 dpi in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format. Note that the final square will be 6″x6″.

Do I have to create art for my square?

We are firm believers in the adage, it’s the thought that counts, and encourage handmade art whenever possible. That said, if you’re simply not feeling creative, we are happy to lend a hand. Simply email us a short message instead of a picture and we will put together a simple square with a decorative border on your behalf.

Can I buy a quilt by myself?

Yes. There is no requirement to purchase a quilt on a group basis. For quilts purchased by a single individual, we waive the $35 setup fee and simply charge you for the number of custom squares purchased. Squares are $25 and a minimum of 15 squares must be purchased. Please email liz@givequiltlove.com for more information.

How big is a quilt?

Our quilts are designed to be throw blankets and are not full-sized bedding. Our standard quilt is 49″ x 67″, assuming that between 15 and 44 custom squares are purchased. If more than 44 custom squares are purchased, we expand the quilt size as appropriate to accommodate all squares at no additional cost. If you would like to upgrade your quilt to a larger size, please contact liz@givequiltlove.com for pricing.

How big is each quilt square?

Our squares are 6″ x 6 “.

Will the quilt recipient know that I participated?

Yes. Project participants are encouraged to sign their names on their squares. In addition, the names of all participants are printed on a card that accompanies each quilt.

Where do you donate your quilts as part of the 10:1 program?

For every 10 quilts sold, we donate 1 quilt to the George Mark Children’s House. The George Mark Children’s House is a is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides medical and psychosocial services to children facing life-limiting illness.

How should my quilt be cared for?

Quilts can be machine washed (cold) and tumble dried. Do not iron.

Still more questions? Please send us a note!

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