What better way to show your love this holiday season, than by surprising a loved one with a custom quilt?

Quiltlove quilts make wonderful group gifts for grandparents and other special family members. Make your quilt a treasured family heirloom by adding custom artwork, snippets of handwriting, photos, and images of meaningful family memorabilia. If you can take a photo of it, we can print it on fabric.

Order a Quiltlove Gift Card Today

  • Quilt contains up to 15 custom images.
  • Quilt color palette is determined by the customer, if desired.
  • Quilt gift card ships immediately.
  • Quilt ships 2-4 weeks after final piece of artwork is received (but not before January 15).

Thank you for your purchase! We will be in touch in 1 business day with details about creating and submitting your artwork for this special gift. Now go sit back, mull some wine, and enjoy the season!

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