Thanks For Organizing a Quilt at Making Strides!

Thank you for organizing a quilt with Quiltlove at the 2021 Making Strides Event! Please complete the form below to provide us additional details that we need to start spreading the love.

While not required, a common theme will make your quilt more cohesive. Popular breast-cancer related themes include messages of love and support, drawings of butterflies, pink ribbons, flowers and strength. Use your imagination!
Please choose 2 to 4 theme colors. Quiltlove will use fabric in these colors for the squares surrounding the custom artwork.
We recommend the first option, using a consistent color palette for both the fabric and the drawings and messages, for a more cohesive look. That said, some groups -- particularly those involving children -- prefer to leave the artwork instructions open. It's your choice!
The color of embroidery thread that will be used to hand-tie the quilt at each patchwork corner.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Inspire friends and family to participate by including a photo of the quilt recipient on your project page. You can upload a photo here, or email an image to
Please provides the names and email addresses of people you would like us to invite to participate in this group gift (e.g., Jane Doe -, John Smith - We require that 15 squares be purchased before the quilt is sewn and recommend listing as many names in the quilt recipient's support network as possible. Quiltlove will email these people an invitation to purchase a quilt square and follow up reminders. We will also send out an email of the final quilt to everyone who purchased a square.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.