Quilt for Jane

Please join us in wrapping Jane in love and support with a custom quilt! With Quiltlove, Jane’s family and friends can design individual squares to be sewn into a quilt, truly bringing her support network together for one very special gift. We need 15 quilt squares to be purchased for the project to begin.

55% funded
Time Remaining to Purchase Squares
  • The last day to buy a square and submit artwork is Nov. 1.
  • Please draw a picture of an animal using mostly yellow, green and orange.
  • Don’t forget to sign your name on your square!
  • Shh… it’s a surprise.
People Who Already Purchased Squares

Sally Smith

Johnny Appleseed

Betsy Ross

Yay! 🙂

Liz Coyle

Jane Doe

Can’t wait 🙂

Suzy Q