Quilt for Karen

Great news! Karen’s quilt is finished and came together beautifully! A heartfelt thank you to Nancy for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity.

Karen’s quilt was made with love and support from:

Rose Kenderdine

Myra Bundy

Georgie & Roger McCutcheon

You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, you got this girl

Kym Cavey

Sam Jeffers

lori wood

Lynne Roeske

Gemini Cousins

Debbie Morgan

Praying for you!

Kim Weber

Deborah Miller

Ronda Renieris

Linda Burdick

You are never alone in your battle. Hugs and prayers.

Nancy Blass

We are pleased to share that Karen’s quilt qualifies for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month donation program. Thanks for helping us spread the love this October.