Quilt for Kim

Great news! We finished Kim’s quilt and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much to Kailey for organizing this meaningful gift and to this entire group of generous, creative and supportive people. We hope that this quilt puts a smile on Kim’s face and on your faces too!

100% funded



The Yarberrys

We love you & are praying for you!!!

Rileigh Offenbacker

The Offenbackers love you and are praying for you!

Chris, Dree, and kids Hogue

We are with you and praying!

Lynn Pearson

Love you so much soul sister!

Sherry Payne

Love you bunches Kim!

Kim Drapp

You are loved!

Karen Newman


Beth Elms

Debra Larson


Kristy Linville

You are such an inspiration & have such a great heart! I love you!

Bob Beard

Quilt it up!

JoHannah Fields

not an artist but pumped about this!

Kim Spence-Mullen