Quilt for Maisi

A heartfelt thank you to Kari for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity. Your love and support for Maisi truly shines through in her beautiful quilt!

Maisi’s quilt was made with love and support from:

Dennis Schillak

Megan Thompson

Tess, Tony & Alfonso Alvarez

Katie Miskowiak

Brandon, Rose, Lucy and Malcolm Notz

Steve Notz

Jessica Dan Samantha Jacob Dayton Goralski

Jessica Johnson

Sophia & Alivia Schrauth

Samantha Thompson

Ashlee Southworth

Robin Staffeldt

Shantel Martineau

Yvonne & Dave Southworth

Jessica Gauthier

Jen, Phil, Evelyn & Everett VandenBranden

Sara and family Ertl

Conrad Harris

Jeanette, Cailyn, and Owen Schrauth

Jim Jungwirth

Fred & Coral Schrauth

Chad Messner

Signa A Meyers

Carrie Kubasta

Heather Pagel


Julie Meyer

Quandt/Rasmussen Family

Michael Harris

Deb and Cliff Meilahn / Goldade

Jennifer Sailer

Jaime Kulibert

Jene Fulcer

Sarah Muller