Quilt for Matt & Naomi Jacobsen

A heartfelt thank you to Carrie for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity. Photos of the finished quilt will be shared on this page at a later date.

100% funded

The Jacobsen’s quilt was made with love and support from:

Cindy and Sherman Showalter

Auntie Joanna & Auntie Joelle

Tiffany and David Shank

Talitha Johnson

Abby Jacobsen

Sally Hanson

Cindy Showalter

Jamie Stoltzfus

Amanda, Kendell, Emily, Lily, and Ollie

Robert J Shank

Uncle Tim & Auntie Gwen Shank

Nathanael Jacobsen

Virginia Wallace

Julie Smith

Heather Shank

Heather & Rose Shank

Nicole Shank

Molly Shank

Sarah Morgan

Sarah, Scott, and Caroline Pruett