Quilt for Todd

Great news! Todd’s quilt is finished and came together beautifully! A heartfelt thank you to Chris and Kashia for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity.

Todd’s quilt was made with love and support from:

Mary and Brock

Dick and Donna Peetz

Josh and Jasmine Warne

Michael Axthelm

Brandon,Jessica,keenan,Maribella Allen

Brock Axthelm

Susan Axthelm

Gwen Artz

ShanaLea Bibler

Diana Robins

Debbie Keller

Dot Tinsley

Brooke Duncan

Kashia Rosenau

Darien Allen Bill Rabeler

Matt, Cassi, Braylon, Halle, Kyler, Colson Stark

Shala Stricker

Kylee and Sheree Hall

Cara Tinsley

Linda Hotz

Kenzi, Joe, Austen & Grayson Bisbing

Cindy Duncan

David Johnson

Tim, Jamie, Bri and Krue Massine