a quilt for


A heartfelt thank you to Lisa for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity. Ashley’s quilt came together beautifully and your outpouring of support speaks volumes.

Ashley’s quilt was made with love and support from:

Pamela Jenkins

This is for the 3rd quilt patch

Paige Sopcic

Wayne Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Pamela Jenkins

I am buying a second square after the fact…sorry! One from Riley and the boys to her

Pamela Jenkins

Nina Olson

Keith Anderson

With all the love- from Keith, Kiersten, Cara, Adam, Ethan, and Eli

Cyndi Weibel

Morgan LaBarge

Chelsea Cox

Kick ass my friend!

Dorothy Solveson

I sent you an email with a picture with the saying Lord, help m to remember…….

Rachel Feigel

Love, book club

Courtney Ludois

Lisa Anderson

Joylyn Weibel

Doreen Buntrock

Cindy Weibel

You’re in our thoughts and prayers

Molly Forney

Rachel Rauch

Kimberly Kovanda

Brittany Hafferkamp

Rhonnie Garcia

More “cousin love” ❤️ Our prayers are with you!

Megan Wissler

Sending our love and prayers! ~Cousin Megan & family

Traci Ludwig

Surrounded by “Cousin Love.” You’ve got this … stay strong!!

Terry E Anderson

Looks like a challenge but worthwhile to do.

Renee Solveson

Sarah Marino

Karen Ervin

Allison Crull

Brittany Hafferkamp

Nicki Ervin

Good news! Ashley’s quilt qualifies for our Breast Cancer Awareness month giveback. Quiltlove is donating 10% of proceeds from breast cancer support quilts ordered by 10/31/23 to charity. Learn more here.

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