Purchase a Quilt in Full

We are pleased to sell quilts outright to single buyers, rather than going through our standard group purchasing process, should that better fit for your needs.

When quilts are purchased in full in a single transaction, we waive the $35 setup fee and simply charge based on the number of custom squares in the quilt; $25 per square.

Free U.S. domestic shipping, as always.

Our standard quilts are 49″ x 67″ in size, unless more than 44 custom squares are purchased, in which case we expand the quilt accordingly. All quilts are backed with premium white sherpa fabric and made in the U.S.A.

Quilts ship approximately three weeks from the date that the final image is received.

To begin, we need some information about your quilt concept and payment for the number of custom squares in your quilt. Once we’ve received and reviewed your submission, we will email you an artwork template for your quilt (if applicable) and a link for uploading your custom images. Let’s get started!

Please note that quilts shipped outside the United States will incur an additional fee.

Will this quilt be given as a gift? Kept as a family treasure? Teacher Appreciation (MARCH PROMO)? Other?
Please choose 2 to 4 theme colors. Quiltlove will incorporate matching fabric into the quilt.
An artwork template can be a helpful handout if multiple people are creating art for this quilt, however it is not required. There is no additional charge for the creation of an artwork template.
A standard sized quilt contains 88 total squares, a subset of which are "custom." Custom squares are those squares printed with your unique artwork, messages, photos, etc. Custom squares cost $25 each and directly correspond to the price of the quilt. There are no additional charges beyond this fee. Don't see the number of custom squares you're looking for? Use the contact button below to drop us a line and we can calculate a new price. *** Please note that all Teacher Appreciation quilts organized in March receive 4 free squares, in addition to the squares purchased above.***

Woohoo! We will review your submission and send you a confirmation email within 1 business day with an artwork template (if applicable) and a link for submitting your custom images.

Now go put your feet up and get excited about this cozy quilt!