Spring is right around the corner, which means bridal shower season is almost in full bloom! Whether you are throwing a bridal shower or attending as a guest, I’ve got a unique gift idea that the happy couple will enjoy for a lifetime to come: a personalized wedding quilt. This blog post provides guidance for giving a custom quilt as a bridal shower gift.

Choose the quilt colors

One of my favorite parts of the quilt-giving process, which I hope you’ll enjoy too, is choosing fabric colors. This fabric will surround your group’s custom squares in a patchwork style. Personalize your bridal shower gift by coordinating the quilt with the wedding’s color scheme. Take cues from the save the date or invitation, bridesmaid dresses, and any décor hints the bride may share. Simply select a quilt from my shop that matches the wedding’s theme colors, or if you don’t see a good match, choose your own fabric colors on an à la carte basis here. It’s as easy as that!

Take a look at some of the fun ways wedding quilts can match the colors of their big day!

Create the custom squares

The bride’s friends and relatives can create their custom squares before or during the shower. Both are great options, so it’s just a matter of deciding what works best for you. I’ve outlined the advantages of each option below.

Before the bridal shower

If you plan to give your gift at the bridal shower, ask the group to make their quilt squares in advance of the event. I recommend collecting squares about a month before the shower, to ensure a timely, no-stress delivery.

I love when quilts are given at the actual event for many reasons. First, the wow factor of seeing the bride’s face when she opens the box to reveal the quilt is a heartwarming moment that is not to be missed. Second, this approach gives guests a chance to see their squares as part of the finished group quilt. Third, the host can hang the quilt as part of the party decoration (hint: they make great photo backgrounds). Just make sure that the entire guest list is invited to participate in the quilt to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

During the bridal shower

Alternatively, bridal shower guests can create their squares during the party. This is a great option for several reasons. First, minimal advance planning is required. You can literally organize the activity the day before the event. Simply:

  • Order a quilt online
  • Print out the artwork template that we create for you (or simply use plain white printer paper)
  • Gather art supplies (markers and colored pens are clean, easy, affordable and look great)
  • Find a basket, box, folder or other pretty receptacle for people to place their finished squares

Second, it can be nice to have an activity during the bridal shower, beyond eating and opening gifts. You could create a “square station” by putting together a display on an end table.

bridal shower gift quilt square station
Bridal Shower Quilt Square Station

Third, everybody who attends the shower is naturally invited to participate in the quilt and you’re likely to get near full participation. Furthermore, this relieves the organizer of having to track down email addresses of the engaged couple’s nearest and dearest. It also ensures an inclusive gift.

Last but not least, this approach provides the opportunity to ensure a cohesive look among squares. Say for example, you’re giving a pink, red, and purple quilt. Simply put out colored pens in these shades and your squares are guaranteed to match the quilt — and look great together!

Determine the payment process

Quiltlove offers different payment processes to ensure our quilts can scale to accommodate large groups, while still fitting within your budget. Everyone can pay their own way through our standard group purchase process. This works especially well if quilt squares are created before the event.

Alternatively, if the host, a friend, or group of friends would like to pay outright for the quilt, that works too. Simply select “I’m paying for the quilt myself” during the checkout process and you’re good to go. This is a tasteful option if your group is creating squares as a bridal shower activity, assuming most guests will already be brining a gift with them to the party.

The significance of wedding quilts

According to the International Quilt Museum, the tradition of sewing wedding quilts dates back to the 18th and 19th century. A bride, her mother, and a circle of friends would make quilts to furnish the couple’s new home upon marriage. Quilts given as wedding gifts are more modern tradition, likely coming from the 20th century. Wedding quilts provide physical warmth and comfort as a home furnishing, and represent a symbol of the stability and endurance of a marriage. They are truly a gift to last a lifetime!

Were you given a wedding quilt, or other personalized gift? Are you planning a spring bridal shower? If so, I would love to hear about it!

As always, thanks for reading!


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