Handmade, Personalized Quilts

A simple, affordable and completely one-of-a-kind gift that enables groups to wrap shared loved ones in support.

Our patchwork quilts feature your drawings, handwritten messages, photos and more, printed on cotton squares and lovingly stitched together.

Our quilts are perfect for…

Welcoming a new baby, celebrating a wedding, or supporting loved ones facing illness or in times of grief.


Popular Quiltlove Occasions

Whether to celebrate life events or provide comfort during challenging times, our quilts are meaningful gifts for a range of special occasions. 

  • Personalized front can include drawings, handwritten notes, family photos and more
  • Back features snuggly soft white sherpa
  • Heirloom quality and made to be enjoyed

Our commitment

For every 10 quilts we sell, we donate 1 to a child with a serious medical condition.


You’ll Love Us

It’s simple. Once we receive your list of email addresses, we handle all the legwork, making it easy on you and your group. Piece of cake.

It’s affordable. Everybody pays their own way, making this group gift very accessible — and nobody has to ask anyone for money.

It’s a guaranteed heart-warmer. Whether a loved one is facing a difficult diagnosis, welcoming a baby, or celebrating a major milestone, they will truly feel your love with this one-of-a-kind personalized gift.



Heart Warming

Quiltlove for Baby Shower
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Completely Blown Away

Omg. I saw the quilt in person yesterday for the first time. I knew it was spectacular from the pictures but I was completely blown away by the actual finished product. The quality is truly breathtaking. THANK YOU!

– Marsha

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Abundance of Heart and Soul

Truly, this has made my day/week/year, even a bit weepy right now. This has an abundance of heart and soul to it that I sit here dumbfounded. Can’t express my thanks enough.

– Don

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Incredible Treasure

An incredible treasure arrived at my house and I hardly have any words to express how much it means to me. It is truly priceless. The beautiful thoughts, pictures and excerpts have left me speechless and teary!

– Mary



Spreading the love has never been so cozy.

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Give a personalized quilt

Choose from one of our beautifully curated color palettes or pick your own fabric colors for a truly personalized gift.

Our quilts are made to order, made by hand and made in the U.S.A.

Quiltlove is a member of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. Photography by Mark Olesko, Quiltlove and customer submissions.