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Welcome their new arrival into the world with warmth and love by organizing a group baby quilt with squares from friends and family members.

Baby Quilt for Jane

Why We Love Baby Quilts

  • Affordable, yet meaningful gift to wrap a new baby in love and support
  • Can be designed to match the colors of the nursery
  • Great opportunity to incorporate playful themes like animals, handprint, and the alphabet, alongside handwritten messages
  • Creates an eye-catching display at a baby shower or a fun baby shower activity
  • Instant family heirloom that can bring together many generations of participants
  • Machine washable, because… babies

You identify the group and choose the colors, we do the rest.

Give a Baby Quilt

What better way to celebrate the birth of a sweet new baby than with the gift of a personalized quilt?

If it were up to us, we would wrap every baby in a custom quilt, but we especially love quilts for a second, third (fourth?!) baby when the family may already own the typical baby registry essentials, but you still want to give a meaningful gift.

Baby Quilt for Max


Baby Colors

We have curated a high quality selection of modern fabric choices to make your baby quilt beautiful.

Looking to match a nursery? Custom colors are also available.



Spreading the love has never been so cozy.

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