Have you heard of a Baby Sprinkle? It’s party to celebrate a family’s second (or more) baby, designed to be less of a to-do than a Baby Shower traditionally thrown for a family’s firstborn. My friend Colleen recently threw a Sprinkle to celebrate our mutual friend Amy’s impending arrival of baby boy number three and it was so much fun! Do you have a friend or relative who is expecting a second or third baby? If so, it’s time to celebrate! This blog post offers tips for throwing a Baby Sprinkle that is laid back, memorable and fun.

Baby Sprinkle Expectations

As the name implies, Baby Sprinkles are typically considered lighter versions of Baby Showers. With that in mind, let’s start with some initial guidelines for Baby Sprinkle norms.

  • Sprinkles have less of an emphasis on gifts that Showers, unless the family is expecting multiples or it has been several years since the family’s last baby (in which case they likely no longer own their baby gear).
  • It’s ok to invite fewer people to Sprinkles than to Showers; while it is always good to err on the side of inclusivity, there is no obligation to invite all extended family members to a Sprinkle.
  • Showers generally feature an array of organized games to keep larger groups of guests entertained, whereas Sprinkles are more about socializing in smaller, closer-knit groups.
  • Décor and formalities are typically pared down for Sprinkles. Think, Evites over paper invitations, and simple fresh flowers over Instagram-worthy balloon arches and tablescapes — unless that’s your thing, in which case, have fun with it and send us pics!

Tips for A Great Sprinkle

With a smaller group sizes and fewer traditional expectations, Baby Sprinkles are a wonderful opportunity for the host to get creative! Here are some tips from Colleen’s party that you could easily incorporate into your own Baby Sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle Tips
Baby Sprinkle Tips - Dessert
Baby Sprinkle Tips - Cupcakes
  • Provide guidance on gifts. Sprinkles have less of an emphasis on gifts than Showers, however some guests may still wish to bring something. Coordinate expectations with your guest of honor, then communicate clear instructions to your guests to ensure everyone is on the same page (e.g., no gifts; small gifts such as clothing in size 0-18 months; baby registry, please).
  • Organize a keepsake. Mark the significance of the occasion by organizing a keepsake that the expectant mother can cherish for years to come. Guests could create squares for a personalized baby quilt, create pages in a Baby ABC book (A is for Amy, your mom’s name!), stamp thumbprints on a friend tree poster, such as this one or otherwise participate in a personalized keepsake to honor the day.
  • Delegate tasks. If people ask what they can do to help, take them up on the offer! Delegate jobs such as bringing soft drinks, champagne or a dessert, ask for help with greeting guests and storing coats, or ask in advance if someone might be able to help with clearing plates and cups over the course of the Sprinkle. You will be a little freer and your friends will be truly happy to help.
  • Coordinate comfortable seating. Colleen organized her furniture in a horseshoe shape, with a coffee bar / buffet closing the loop and intermittent end tales it worked so well for socializing while eating. Highly recommend!
  • Have fun with your food. After checking with your guest of honor about any food preferences and allergies, take the opportunity to have fun with your party food. Colleen served chicken satay sliders, fresh fruit, a very vintage and very delicious warm artichoke dip and various teacakes. The bites were small and delicious and way more fun than a sit down meal.
  • Offer something indulgent. While Sprinkles are more low-key, they are still a party after all! Colleen started the party off with a champagne toast (with sparkling water for our friend) and offered gorgeous petit fours and chocolate dipped strawberries from a local shop for dessert. With a smaller guest list, special treats become more doable.

It was just so nice to get together with friends, laugh, hang out, and enjoy the afternoon, knowing that my next few months are going to be a blur. It’s nice to know that even though this is my third baby, my friends are still there to support me and celebrate this little guy!


Colleen had a few arrangements of flowers around her house which gave a festive feel, without being over the top. Depending on the season, you could even decorate with cut flowers from your yard, or branches from nearby woods in simple glass vases.

Key Takeaways

  • Sprinkles don’t have to be perfect. They are about taking a few hours out of the day to connect with friends before a big life event.
  • Nobody expects you to do everything. When friends ask to help, say yes, knowing that their offer is genuine.
  • Have fun! Over architected parties are stressful — plan some in advance, then let it go.

Following the birth of Amy’s new baby boy, a fellow friend organized meal deliveries for the family. If you’ve been following along with Quiltlove for any amount of time, you know I love these! Have you recently attended or thrown a Baby Sprinkle? What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading.


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