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Loving Memory

Comfort those experiencing grief with the gift of a memorial quilt, made with love and support from friends and relatives.

Memorial Quilt

Why We Love Memorial Quilts

  • Provides the warmth of togetherness to those experiencing grief, loss and loneliness
  • Natural opportunity for friends, family, congregation members, neighbors, colleagues and more to express their sympathy through artwork, prayer, quotations, images and more
  • Weighing approximately four pounds and backed with heavy sherpa, our quilts can have a calming effect
  • Custom colors and themes can reflect the personality, interests and style of the individual for whom the quilt is honoring
  • Handmade quality of the quilt fits the magnitude of the occasion and provides a lasting memory of support network’s love

The process of contributing a square to a patchwork quilt can also be therapeutic to grieving friends and family members, offering both a group activity and a creative outlet.

We also make memorial quilts with squares from your loved one’s clothing. Learn more here.

You identify the group and choose the colors, we do the rest.

Give a Memorial Quilt

Honor the memory of a loved one with a handmade quilt, featuring squares made from family and friends that include heartfelt images, messages, prayers and more.

Our quilts can provide bereaved loved ones with the comfort of a warm hug, and a physical reminder of their support network during the exceptionally difficult time following a loss.

Memorial Quilt


Memorial Colors

We have curated a high quality selection of rich fabric choices to make your memorial quilt beautiful.

Custom colors are also available.



Spreading the love has never been so cozy.

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