Our Commitment

For every ten quilts we sell, we donate one to a child facing a serious medical condition at George Mark Children’s House. George Mark Children’s House is a nonprofit, pediatric palliative care center, located in San Leandro, California. We are proud of our donation commitment and invite you to learn more about it.

Sponsor a donated quilt

Interested in sending an extra quilt to George Mark Children’s House? We are always game to increase the giving! Drop us a line to learn more. There are no upper limits to our donation commitment.

Our Donated Quilts

All of our donated quilts are completely unique, one-of-a-kind creations made by hand, with love, specifically for children staying at George Mark Children’s House.

Our donated quilts typically feature a playful print, complemented by bits and pieces of coordinating fabric from our evolving stash that are too small to be included in our standard quilts. This reduces our footprint, while doing a whole lot of good. Donated quilts are backed with our favorite white sherpa, and are made for snuggling!


George Mark
Children’s House

So beautiful! Thank you so much!

Child Life Coordinator
George Mark Children’s House

Thank you so much, our patients love the quilts!

George Mark Children’s House


George Mark Children’s House is a is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides medical and psychosocial services to children facing life-limiting illness. It was the first freestanding pediatric palliative care center in the United States and has been a leader and model for the pediatric palliative care movement.