Handmade quilts have a permeance and a nostalgic quality that makes for ideal memorial gifts. They are cozy and comforting, while nodding to the past and enduring well into the future. Have you, or a loved one, lost someone dear to you? Consider a memorial quilt as a lasting way to wrap up in loving memories.

I’m pleased to share that Quiltlove now offers memorial quilts made with fabric from your loved one’s clothing. This is an exciting step for my little company and something I’m honored to offer to those experiencing loss.

Quiltlove now offers memorial quilts incorporating patches from your loved one’s clothing.

Quilts as memorial gifts
Memorial quilt with with squares made from a mother’s vibrant muumuu collection. Oakland, CA.

The backstory

When I was in graduate school, 3000 miles away from my family, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly. He was silly and warm, magnetic and hardworking. He would serve me and my brother the biggest bowls of ice cream, bring us fresh bagels on the weekends and effortlessly beat us in ping-pong on a regular basis. We adored him. Following this loss, my aunt (with whom I made the first prototype for Quiltlove) made a pillow out of his brightly colored blazers. It was so special. This loving tribute inspired me to launch a memorial quilt offering incorporating your loved one’s clothing, in addition to our memorial quilts containing standard fabric and your custom artwork.

How it works

Fabric selection

The first step is to identify the fabric you would like made into the memorial quilt. When considering clothing, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Non-stretch textiles are required. The best candidates are 100% cotton, or cotton/polyester blend garments. Blouses, button-down shirts, dresses and skirts work well. Unfortunately I do not accept t-shirts (their stretchiness makes them difficult to work with).
  • Smooth, lightweight garments are preferred. While I can work around some embellishments, heavily embroidered and thick fabrics (e.g., tweed, leather, knits) are not accepted.
  • Garment must be sufficiently large. The textile must be big enough that it can be cut into one or more 6.5″ squares without crossing over seams.
  • I recommend choosing four to eight garments for a single quilt.
  • Clothing from non-smoking households only, please.

If you have questions about your fabric selection, please feel free to email me photos or set up a time to chat. Once we have agreed on the fabric for your memorial quilt, please mail your washed garments to Quiltlove.

  • Quiltlove, 1086 Bollinger Canyon, Moraga CA 94556
Coordinating fabric and pattern

Once I receive your textiles, I will work with you to select coordinating solids from my inventory to complement your garments. I will also create a simple pattern for you to approve, prior to beginning sewing.

You can browse standard color swatches here.

All Quiltlove quilts are square patchwork designs, hand tied and backed with white sherpa.

  • Memorial quilts that include customer-supplied textiles and coordinating standard colored squares cost $450 (plus your cost to ship the clothing to me). Quilts ship free in the domestic U.S.; otherwise shipping surcharges may apply.
  • Memorial quilts that include customer supplied textiles and custom squares (e.g., squares containing a group’s drawings, photographs, messages, etc.) are priced as follows: $25/custom square + balance to reach a $450 minimum price; overages apply.
    • Example 1. 5 custom squares (5 x $25 = $125) + $325 = $450
    • Example 2. 10 custom squares (10 x $25 = $250) + $200 = $450
    • Example 3. 18 custom squares (18 x $25 = $450) + 0 = $450
    • Example 4. 30 custom squares (30 x $25 = $750) + 0 = $750
  • Payment is due upon customer approval of pattern.

Quilts take approximately 3 weeks to be made, once payment is received.

Memorial gifts to feel their warmth

Memorial gifts such as quilts help us remember dear ones we have lost. I love incorporating textiles because they provide a way to literally wrap up in warm memories. For me, the tactile experience is so meaningful. In addition, repurposing a loved one’s clothing into a beautiful quilt softens the transition of thinning out personal belongings, following a loss.

I hope this new product helps fill customers with many warm memories, as my grandfather’s pillow does for my family.

Have you given or received memorial gifts made from a loved one’s clothing? What was it? How did it make you feel? Do you have advice for others? I would love to hear from you.

As always, thanks for reading.


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