This week I delivered a quilt made as a pet memorial gift, from a mother to her daughter. This was a first for Quiltlove, and it was such a sweet gesture that I wanted to feature it on my blog. Pet memorial gifts that are appropriately warm and comforting can be difficult to find. I hope this idea is helpful for people mourning the loss of a pet. Big hugs to you!

The Loss of a Pet

The loss of a pet can be a traumatic event. According to Harvard Health Publishing, this particular form of loss is unique in a number of ways, given that pets may die naturally or through accidents. However, pets can also die through euthanasia, which means that the pet owner decides when their pet is put down. Furthermore, pet owners may lack closure if pets are lost or run away. It can therefore be helpful to have some coping strategies on hand in the event of the loss of a pet.

Having been raised in a household without pets, I was surprised when I found myself so attached to Pink Nose, a farm cat that “came with” our home. Originally, I was baffled and upset that the seller would leave her pet behind. Over time, I grew to love Pink Nose, and after eight years together, I was crushed when she died in the fall. The same goes for my boys, who went from fear of animals, to love to the best kind of sadness.

Pink Nose, our very loyal farm cat of 8 years, passed away in the fall

As an outdoor farm cat, Pink Nose simply vanished one day, making closure particularly hard for my sons. “Maybe she’s coming back?” they would ask. Or “She’s probably just on an adventure…” Eventually, we’ve learned to move on and we are all excited to welcome new kittens to our farm this August (stay tuned!).

Having personally felt the tenderness that comes with the loss of a pet, I was moved to receive a request to create a pet memorial quilt.

Creating a Pet Memorial Quilt

Have you, or someone you love, recently lost a pet? A memorial quilt is a one of a kind way to remember a furry friend. Quiltlove quilts weigh four pounds and are backed with soft sherpa, making them extra comforting during times of grief.

A comforting pet memorial quilt

Accordingly, here are a few tips for creating a meaningful pet memorial quilt:

  • Select a range of photographs, including young and old, silly and classic, with people and without, to represent the pet’s full personality. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” photos in terms of lighting, focus and scenery. It is the memory and feeling that matters most.
  • Include photos of paw prints, favorite toys or spots, and items including the pet’s name, if available, to round out the images.
  • Choose a color palette that will bring the recipient joy (it does not need to patch the pet’s fur). I like to think of these quilts as celebrations of life and love, as much a memorial pieces.

It’s as easy as that! Scroll down for a few more photos of this recent, beautiful pet memorial quilt made in the popular color palette Peony.

Pet memorial gifts
In Loving Memory of Snowball
Full quilt, featuring a range of photos

I’m happy to share that the recipient loved her quilt! It was such a special way to honor her dear cat, Snowball. Happy snuggling to her!

It turned out so beautiful, thank you for doing such an amazing job… I love it!


Have you or a loved one lost a pet recently? What did you do to cope with this loss? Did anything in particular help with grieving? I would love to hear from you.

As always, thanks for reading.


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