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Did you know that doing good deeds for others is actually good for you too? It’s true! The “Helper’s High” was first identified in the 1980s and the impact of performing acts of kindness has been explored in various scenarios since then.

According to experts at Dartmouth college, practicing acts of kindness stimulates the production of serotonin in our bodies, which helps heal wounds, calm anxieties and makes us happy. Not to mention making a positive impact on other people’s lives!

The Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley suggests choosing a day this week to perform five acts of kindness — all five in one day. It doesn’t matter if the acts are big or small, but they do recommend performing a variety of acts for maximum impact. After each act, write down what you did in a couple of sentences and ideally how it made you feel. We are guessing this story will have a happy ending!

We’ve got three ways to boost your serotonin this summer through various acts of kindness, and a coupon code to get things started.

Act of Kindness: Give a Quilt

1. Spread the Love

Organize a quilt for someone in your life who could use a little lift, or has a special occasion the horizon. It is guaranteed to make everyone involved smile! We promise.

Enter the coupon code SPREADTHELOVE at checkout for $15 off your setup fee.

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Act of Kindness: Volunteer Your Time

2. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer your time at an an event in your community. After a few summers of canceled or virtual events, many events have returned to being held in person.

Whether it is a nonprofit fundraiser, a community fair, religious function or a just-for-fun event at your local theatre, library, park or athletic venue, summer is the perfect time to get outside and see some faces you haven’t seen in a while, while lending a helping hand.

Act of Kindness: Donate in Kind

3. Donate In Kind

Donate your gently used sports equipment, clothing and home goods to a nearby consignment store.

Cull your bookshelf and donate old reads to your local library. Or even start a library!

Share nonperishable food with area food pantries and collection sites.

Perhaps you have unused items at home that are on a local teacher’s wish list?

Have you participated in any of these or other acts of kindness that have given you a Helper’s High? If so, how did it go? We would love to hear from you! Shoot us a line at [email protected] or tag us on the Gram to share your experience.

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