September, Childhood Cancer Awareness month, is right around the corner which hits close to home for Quiltlove founder, Liz Coyle. Liz was inspired to launch Quiltlove after making a quilt to give as a childhood cancer gift when a friend’s preschool-aged daughter was diagnosed with leukemia just days after her second birthday party. What started as a sweet craft with a class of preschoolers drawing get-well pictures on quilt squares is now an easy and affordable way for support networks to show up and show their love, following a childhood cancer diagnosis or other serious illness.

We know a childhood cancer diagnosis is a scary and isolating time. We also know that friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, coaches and other members of the child’s support network are looking for ways to show their support, give meaningful gifts, and wrap young cancer patients in their love. With that in mind, we encourage you to give a group quilt as a childhood cancer gift and are sharing how Quiltlove is contributing to the cause — and you can too!

Group Gift for a Child Going Through Cancer

We are not exaggerating when we say our quilts were made to be given as gifts to children facing cancer. With custom drawings and messages from their biggest fans on the front, and snuggly soft sherpa fabric on the back, they are the best gift for wrapping a young cancer patient in everyone’s love.

This group gift is an easy and affordable way for communities to come together. All quilts are made to order, meaning they can be in the child’s favorite colors and reflect their personal interests and hobbies (e.g., dinosaurs, unicorns, LEGO, sports). They are truly the best childhood cancer gift you can give.

Financial Contribution to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Quiltlove will donate ten percent of our proceeds from childhood cancer support quilts organized from August 10 through the end of September to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund *on top* of our existing 10:1 donation commitment.

The Children’s Cancer Research Fund is an accredited 501(c)(3) charity.

Let’s spread the love as we head into Childhood Cancer Awareness month and show our support for children, and families of children, facing leukemias, tumors, lymphomas, neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.

Donated Quilt for the Walk for Children’s Cancer Research

We are honored to be joining the Children’s Cancer Research Fund community by donating a free custom quilt to be given away during its annual Walk for Childhood Cancer Research.

The walk will be a virtual event this year, supported via the Movespring app. This makes it possible for anybody, anywhere, to join in the fight against childhood cancer. Participants raise money for childhood cancer research, while the event creates community for those affected by childhood cancer, as well as those who are passionate about uncovering better treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Quiltlove is in. Are you in?


How are you feeling with Childhood Cancer Awareness month around the corner? Has childhood cancer touched your life, either directly or indirectly? Have you had a positive experience with a support network or finding community in this area? We would love to hear from you.

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