With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month beginning September 1, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, families and survivors are getting ready to kick off fundraising campaigns, give gifts and raise awareness about the prevalence and impact of childhood cancer. Are you considering organizing a Childhood Cancer Support Quilt to gift to a child facing cancer this September? We have five tips to make this the most meaningful (and easy!) childhood cancer gift you could ever give.

How to Give the Best Childhood Cancer Support Gift with Quiltlove

Bring Their Entire Support Network Together. When considering who to invite to participate in this group gift, more is more! Look beyond the the child’s closest circle of friends with this group gift. Include classmates, teammates, club/troop-mates, adult teachers and leaders, extended family members and neighbors in their quilt.

People are often actively looking for ways to show their support for kids facing cancer, so don’t feel shy about reaching out.

Choose a Personal Theme. Choose a positive, personal theme, beyond the standard “Get Well” wishes to take their quilt to the next level. Is the child an animal lover, a sports aficionado, an aspiring ballerina or into all things Minecraft? Incorporating a favorite hobby or activity into the quilt theme will make your gift all the more meaningful. It will also help your participants, who may be looking for guidance about what to draw on their squares.

Go for Two Weeks. We recommend giving people roughly two weeks to buy their squares and submit their artwork. It works with busy vacation and school schedules, while keeping the momentum up!

Get Colorful. We suggest choosing three to four bright, cheerful colors for the quilt. Ask project participants to use the same colors for their squares for a coordinated and uplifting gift.

Talk About It. If your child is creating a square for a children’s cancer support quilt, you may be wondering how to discuss a friend or family member’s cancer diagnosis. This guide by Children’s National offers helpful advice for what to say and do when your child’s friend has cancer.

With their colorful personalized squares, heartfelt drawings and messages, and cozy sherpa backings, Quiltlove quilts are the ideal gift for children going through cancer.

Give a Quilt, Support Children’s Cancer Research

Quiltlove is a proud 2022 supporter of the The Children’s Cancer Research Fund. We are donating 10% of proceeds from all Children’s Cancer Support Quilts sold now through 9/30/22 to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. In addition, we are participating in and donating a voucher for a FREE quilt to the Walk for Children’s Cancer to support fundraising efforts.


Have you given a quilt as a childhood cancer gift? What was your experience like? Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear from you!

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