This past fall, my third-grade son announced after school one day that one of his best friends was moving away. At first, I assumed the message had gotten lost in third grade translation. An upcoming family vacation? Where he might go to college one day? Sadly, no such luck. What’s more, the family’s move date was quickly approaching and they were headed out of state. It was time to get started on a very special going away gift.

Bringing Everyone Together

Together, with my son and a group of friends, we organized a Going Away Quilt for this well-loved member of our community. We kept the focus positive, asking his friends to draw pictures or write messages on their squares reflecting memories of fun or funny times spent together, rather than going too far down the “I’ll miss you,” path. I asked the kids to use blue and yellow in their squares the boy’s favorite colors (shout out to the Golden State Warriors!). We augmented the kids’ squares with group photos from various teams and clubs, and messages from coaches, teachers and his elementary school principal. His current teacher even surprised me with a square signed by all his classmates!

27 squares later, we were literally wrapped this special eight year old in love and warm memories from our town, as he embarked on the big move from California to the Midwest.

Going Away Gift
Going Away Gift Folded
Going Away Gift

Spreading the Love

It came as no surprise that my son’s friend adored his quilt. He poured over the squares at length and was attached to it whenever at home.

I am hopeful that it also offered a creative outlet to his young friends who felt sad or confused by this change.

Quiltlove is amazing! It was the most heartfelt, thoughtful meaningful gift my son (and myself through him) has ever received. He carries it with him everywhere he goes in the house and is so proud that people cared enough to each make a square for him. Plus the quilt is super comfy! Thanks Quiltlove for the one of a kind send off!

Meghan O’Neill Fry

Create Your Own Going Away Gift

Is someone you know moving away? Whether it is a child who is moving away, a graduate headed into the world, or a retiring colleague, consider giving a quilt. A personalized quilt makes a wonderful going away gift for recipients young and old. Quiltlove quilts are high-quality gifts that hit the right notes for hard to shop for occasions.

Bonus points if the recipient is moving from California to Michigan, just in time for their first Midwest winter.

As always, thanks for reading.


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