I recently made a personalized baby quilt so different from my usual creations that I wanted to give it a spot on my blog. This quilt was a big step outside of my comfort zone and I’m so excited with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy reading about it!

A Modern Color Palette

To begin, I chose a modern palette of black and white fabric featuring small prints to provide the framework for this special baby quilt. This is a huge departure from the brightly colored fabric I typically use, so it took a leap of faith.

I chose to work in black and white for a few reasons. First, the baby’s parents’ have a stylish, modern aesthetic. I wanted to create a personalized textile that would fit naturally into their chic Berkeley, California home. Next, I knew that the quilt would feature reproductions of paintings from the baby’s grandfather and aunt (more on that later). I was looking for a way to make these pieces pop, without being lost in a sea of colors. Finally, it was important for me to create a gender-neutral palette. With these factors in mind, a black and white color palette rose to the top of the list.

I headed to my local fabric store, the Cotton Patch, to search for black, white and ideally geometric and/or tonal prints. The photo below shows a selection of what I came home with. The beginnings of a quilt…

The beginnings of a personalized baby quilt

Arts and Literature Theme

The family’s baby registry emphasized a love for beautiful, thoughtful children’s books. In addition, I knew that the family is also very artistic. Both of these factors pointed me in the direction of an arts and literature theme. For this quilt, we asked the recipient’s extended family members to write phrases from their favorite nursery rhymes, poems and songs on their squares. Everyone was instructed to use a black pen or marker for a cohesive look.

I have to say, the family nailed the assignment. Check out a few of their amazing black and white squares below. Bravo! I love how different personalities and styles shine through, and nothing beats handwritten text, in my opinion.

In addition to the literary squares, the baby’s grandfather and aunt submitted images of their original artwork to be printed on a handful of squares. These squares brought personality, warmth and a signature style to the quilt. In addition, they elevated the quilt into what I hope will eventually be a family heirloom. Could you imagine having your grandfather’s paintings printed on a custom quilt? It’s just so special.

The Finished Product

With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, it was time to sew the quilt together. And this happened in the nick of time. No sooner had I started sewing, than a healthy baby girl was born (two weeks early)!

The quilt came together so beautifully. It reminds me of black and white contrast books, such as this beauty, that are great for stimulating eyesight development in infants. Take a look at the finished product:

Personalized Baby Quilt

I deviated from my standard 8×11 patchwork pattern to make a smaller, 8×8 square baby quilt. At about 48×48″, it is an ideal playmat size. Alternatively, it could be comfortably draped over a stroller or used for snuggling in a cozy chair during feedings or story time.

The family was so grateful for this personalized gift, and it was a joy to make. What a meaningful way to welcome a new arrival to the world.

What do you think? How would you personalize a baby quilt? What do you think of the arts and literature theme and the black and white palette? I would love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading.


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