Custom Quilts

We are pleased to offer completely custom quilts. Whether you’re looking for that special shade of tennis-ball green or aiming to match unique d├ęcor or event colors, we are always excited to source special fabric to bring your vision to life. Send us a message describing what you have in mind and we will set up a time to chat!

Custom tennis quilt
Custom quilt for auction
“Under the Stars” Quilt for a Class Auction

What do you have in mind?

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How it Works

We like to stick to printing your custom images on six-inch squares, but are otherwise flexible and ready to work with you to create a bespoke quilt that fulfills your vision. We require a minimum of 15 squares be purchased at $25 each for custom quilts and charge for the cost of fabric / time in excess of our standard rates. Please send us a message below for a quote.

Custom quilt for breast cancer support
Breast Cancer Support Quilt for a School Principal
Cancer Support Quilt for a Canadian Official