A quilt for


A heartfelt thank you to Keri for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity. Tami’s quilt is all done and came together beautifully. Thanks for spreading the Quiltlove!

Tami’s quilt was made with love from:

Jennifer Brinks

Clair Vaughn

Traci Y

Love you

Kyla Hunsinger

Michelle Swanson

Thank you so much for doing this for her! F*ck Cancer!!

George and Kathy Vaughn


Cheryl Feldern

Lisa Vaughn

Kaytlin Hunsinger

Travis Koenen

Thanks for being the best mom and son could ever ask for ❤️ I love you ❤️

Stephenie Beck

Patrick Koenen

Cathy Parken

Debbie Saldana

Mark Vaughn

Keep up the fight! You are wanted, you are needed, you are loved!

Teresa Erk

Holly Gruger

We love you Auntie T! – Blake, Holly & Palmer 🙂

Austin Koenen

Jake Grant

Tiffany Berg

Love you so much Auntie T!! 💕

Keri Hunsinger

Caitlin Meuret

Love you Tami🩷 -Caitlin & Asher

Scott & Julie Main

Kevin Grant

Patrick Koenen

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