quilt for


A heartfelt thank you to Alaina for organizing this meaningful gift, and to all of YOU for your support, creativity and generosity. Tara’s quilt is all finished and came together beautifully. Thank you for spreading the Quiltlove!

Tara’s quilt was made with love from

Tony Perry

Lauren Romero

Lori Ferrell

Jessica Gorhas

John Ward


Ayesha Scott

Sam Martin

Shanequa Caldwell

Julie Kunitser

Lindsey McClure

Sending love and strength <3

Allison Ward

I love you, Tara!

Kathleen Niesz

You are in my thoughts

Justin Fletcher

Your sons are here to strengthen you!

Melany Amarillo

You are strong and beautiful Tara, love you!

Colin Doyle

Shardae Batie

Natalie Ramos

Scott Hale

Carol Wheeler

Dr Hart

Kathryn Fulton

Alice Murcia

Cicely Jenkins

What is impossible with man, it's possible with God, who strengthens you.

Joanna Connolly George

Sending he add ps of love for a speedy recovery.

Laura Gartner

Nadene Weil

With love & strength

Karem Thomas

Bestie you got this!

Cassia Petracca

Beki Rhodes

Elaine Eaton

Jenny Flor

We love you Tara!

Barbara Kennedy

You have our prayers through this journey.

Genevieve Dismukes

Love you Sis!

Scott, Meg, Kieran & Riley Hale

Denise Sparkman

Aaliyah Fletcher

Julie Ward

Jill Grant

Lisa Bailey

Lisa Lavoie

Candice Howard

Hallie Broom

Taylor Pardee

Sean Lakomy

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