Quiltlove offers FREE design services

We are firm believers in the adage, it’s the thought that counts, and encourage even our most artistically-challenged customers to try their hand at a simple drawing and handwritten message. Trust us that even “bad” drawings bring love, light and OK, maybe a little laughter to a quilt.

However, if the thought of creating artwork is holding you back or you are simply out of time, we are happy to lend a hand. We can create a simple square on your behalf with a decorative background that matches your quilt’s theme at no additional charge. Don’t let art-anxiety hold you back from wrapping a loved one in your support.

How to Use Quiltlove’s Free Design Services

Once you purchase a square, email us the following information, with the quilt recipient’s name in the subject line:

  • Message (we recommend limiting to 20 words so the font is large enough to read)
  • Closing (Love, Big hugs, XXOO, From, etc.)
  • Your name, as it should appear on the square
  • Color and/or theme preferences (if known)

If you would like to include a digital photo, and/or a photo of your signature, we can add these items to your square.

If we receive your email at least one day prior to the quilt deadline, we will email you a proof of your square prior to printing. Easy peasy!

Examples of Designs

Here are some examples of quilt squares we have made for our customers, which include a range of messages and photos. If your design has you feeling stuck, we are here to help!

I LOVE it!! Thank you so much!!

You have given me confidence in an area I was insecure in – no wonder you have been so successful.


Whether you are wrapping a loved one facing cancer or another serious illness in your support, celebrating a life milestone, or expressing gratitude, we can help you find the words and design to let your love shine through, while blending with the other squares in the quilt.

5 Pro Tips for Self-Proclaimed Non-Artists

If you would like to create your own design, but feel nervous about the undertaking, we offer the following tips for those facing art anxiety!

Stamp it! Achieve a polished look by creating a repeating pattern with a stamp. Gradually add a second color paint for a gradient effect, or a pop a contrasting color in the middle of your design.

Symbolize it! Create an image with colorful word art, positive adjectives, affirmations, encouragement and symbols.

Simplify it! Keep it simple and striking with limited colors and clean lines. Sometimes less is more.

Snap it! Snap a picture of a landscape that has a special meaning to you and the quilt recipient and we can help you add a short message and your name. This how stunning is this view from a family cabin?

Stick it. Stick figures are old standbys for a reason. They are simple, nostalgic and sweet. Nobody is going to be upset if Grandpa (or you!) submits a stick figure drawing. Embrace the stick.

Did we miss anything? If you’ve created a square for a Quiltlove quilt and have tips to share, we would love to hear from you. Shoot us a line and let us know your thoughts. Thanks for reading and let’s keep spreading the Quiltlove!

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