Retirement gifts can be tricky. What do you give someone who you may have known for years, but likely only in a professional capacity? Retirement gifts can feel cliché or impersonal, and keeping a gift within a reasonable budget can be a challenge.

I present… a custom Quiltlove quilt! Our quilts are excellent retirement gifts, checking so many of those tricky boxes. They are a great way to bring people together and ensure a (literally) warm send-off for a colleague or friend.

Retirement gifts should be personal, budget friendly and work for groups

  • Uniquely Personal. A handmade Quiltlove quilt is a personal gift that isn’t overly mushy. You decide what to include on your quilt square, meaning it is guaranteed to strike the right tone for everyone involved.
  • Budget-Friendly. Squares cost $25/each, which is likely on budget for many individuals who are purchasing squares on their own. If the employer is footing the bill, an entire quilt can always be purchased outright too.
  • Able to Accommodates Groups. Our quilts are designed to be given as group gifts, with flexible sizing to accommodate any sized team.
  • Made to Order. Retirement gifts should reflect the workplace in some way. With our made to order process, you can select colors that match your organization’s brand. Or choose from one of our preselected color palettes and ask members of your group to create designs around a common theme (e.g., memories of work done together, a favorite annual event, well-wishes for the future).
  • Lasting. Quiltlove quilts are made by hand, and made to last. Give a gift that endures as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation.

I recently made a quilt for a woman who is retiring from the University of Oregon and it came together so well. I love how the organizer used our a la carte ordering process to pick green and yellow fabric to symbolize the University of Oregon’s colors, but then added a few accent colors. This kept the quilt from feeling overly corporate.

What’s more, some members of the group included ducks on their squares, bringing additional references to Oregon to the gift, without being too literal. What I love most however, are the references to memories of time spent together and Department accomplishments. Great job, Ducks!

University of Oregon Retirement Quilt

Send Them Off With Warm Memories

Is someone from your company or organization retiring? Send them off with warm memories from your group with a custom quilt from Quiltlove. They are guaranteed to please everyone involved.

It has been wonderful working with you on this creation.

Travis, Quilt Organizer

In closing, I was wondering. Have you given or received a quilt? What was the occasion? I would love to hear from you and share your feedback with the Quiltlove community.

As always, thanks for reading.


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