Finding meaningful, high quality retirement gifts for women is no easy task. Traditional retirement gifts of the past, such as watches, writing sets or glassware, feel generic and dated, while candles, mugs and other kitschy gifts fail to recognize the magnitude of the moment. Flowers and gift baskets will be gone before she’s cleaned out her desk. Honoring a woman’s retirement from the workplace is made even harder these days by the shift to hybrid and remote work schedules. Gone are the days of well-attended, in-person celebrations, making a good, tangible gift all the more important.

Personalized quilts make wonderful retirement gifts for women for many reasons. They also happen to be as much fun to give as to receive. Mark the end of her career with a custom quilt from Quiltlove and everyone involved will be so glad you did!

Personalized Quilts Strike the Perfect Balance

An ideal retirement gift is sentimental, but not mushy, high-quality but not cost-prohibitive. It can be gifted by a team of coworkers, large or small, or purchased outright by Human Resources or an Executive office. Quiltlove’s personalized quilts meet all these requirements. In addition, they are one-of-a-kind and full of personality, making them the perfect retirement gift.

I love that people can design quilt squares to include themes of gratitude, memories, humor and well-wishes. Themes can vary based on an individual’s relationship with the recipient, or the corporate setting. Looking for inspiration? Check out a few of the lovely quilt squares from a recent retirement quilt below!

Retirement Gifts for Women
Retirement Gifts for Women

Tips for Gifting a Retirement Quilt

Is someone in your office or department retiring soon? Here are my tips for gifting a lovely quilt from your team:

  • Plan ahead. I recommend giving your group about 7-10 days to purchase quilt squares and design their artwork. The quilt will ship about three weeks later. Plan accordingly to have her quilt delivered before her last day at work.
  • Set a theme. Ask colleagues to design quilt squares around a common theme (e.g., memories, accomplishments, leadership, wishes for the future). This will result in a more cohesive final product.
  • Bring together a group. Look beyond her closest circle of “work wives” to invite her entire work network to participate in her quilt. You might be surprised at the outpouring of support from superiors and reports, as well as team members from different departments on whom she had an impact.

When selecting colors for her quilt, consider custom colors that match your company’s logo, or choose a preselected palette. I love the following colors for retirement quilts:

Freezing at Work, No Longer

Did you know that the temperature of office buildings is typically set to a man’s preference, which runs colder than that of a woman? As someone who has always felt freezing in office buildings, I can attest to this. I must also point out that a quilt makes for a literally warm send-off. That being said, perhaps we should also consider giving quilts as new-hire gifts?

Have you given or received a retirement quilt? How did it make you feel? What did it look like? I would love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading.


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