Recently, the mother of a kindergartener in New Jersey contacted me to see about giving a quilt as a Get Well Soon teacher gift. Her son’s teacher needed to take a sudden leave of absence due to health reasons. Could we pull together a quilt to wrap this beloved educator in love and well wishes from her not so secret admirers? You know the answer…

Today on the blog, I’m sharing a few photos of this spectacular quilt and tips for gifting a quilt featuring children’s artwork.

Get Well Soon Teacher Gift
Get Well Soon Teacher Quilt in Spice Palette

Quilt Featuring Children’s Artwork

For this quilt, the child’s mother worked with the school to have all the students in the class make special drawings for their teacher. The prompt was open — draw a picture to make your teacher happy. The kids used bold, colorful markers and created the most vibrant drawings. What’s more, organizer was able to get full participation. A+ effort and outcome!

She collected everyone’s papers and emailed me scanned images of their work, resulting in the best possible quality when printed on fabric. Check out a few sample squares below, and see how great they look in the final product.

In the center of the quilt, we placed the class picture from the beginning of the year, providing a visual reminder of the kids’ adorable smiling faces. This quilt is in the Spice palette, which complements the kids’ bright artwork nicely. Other colorful options include the Waikiki and Sorbet palettes, shown below.

I tucked a little card in the box with the following note and a list of all the students in the class. If this isn’t the sweetest Get Well Gift, I don’t know what is!

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher! Please enjoy this gift from all of us- we hope it is cozy and warm and you enjoy our drawings (made just for you)!

All our love

Room 104

Tips for Organizing a Quilt for a Teacher

Is your child’s teacher, coach or mentor facing a serious illness, taking leave of absence or otherwise in need of a special gift? Consider wrapping them in love from their biggest, little fans, with a cozy, colorful quilt. Here are a few tips for giving a meaningful group gift.

  • Budget a couple of days into your timeline to enable full participation, particularly if the quilt is from a class, team or club. There will inevitably be at least one child absent on the day the drawings are made, requiring an extra day or two to obtain their artwork.
  • Ask the children to follow a similar prompt and use the same materials when making their drawings, if possible, for a cohesive looking quilt.
  • Choose surrounding fabric colors that complement the artwork — or pick colors that represent your school or team.
  • Scan the images for optimal quality. I routinely work from images of artwork taken with camera phones, which is easy and accessible. For the most crisp resolution however, nothing beats the quality provided by a color scanner.

Teacher Appreciation Week Begins May 6

Quilts with children’s artwork also make beautiful teacher appreciation gifts. Teacher Appreciation week begins May 6, which believe it or not, will be here before we know it. Consider ordering one today, to be ready when Teacher Appreciation week comes!

Have you given a special Get Well Soon teacher gift? What was it? How was it received? I would love to hear your story.

As always, thanks for reading.


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