Are you planning a sustainable bridal shower? We’ve got on-trend ideas to make your eco-friendly event shine. Compostable cutlery, not required.

More and more couples are putting a big emphasis on sustainability, both in their individual lives and as they enter married life together. “We have seen sustainability become a major trend among Gen Z and Millennials,” says Jen Edmon, founder of wedding planning site DayMade and all-around event expert. “Brides are looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into everything from their bridal fashion, to the events leading up to and including their wedding day, without sacrificing style.”

In this blog post, we share several tips for throwing a festive, beautiful and sustainable bridal shower!

Source Beautiful, Reusable Materials

Gone are the days of paper plates, metallic printed cocktail napkins and single use plastic cups. There are so many beautiful, reusable goods available that have minimal impact on the environment, while looking festive and just as, if not more, lovely. Here are a few stylish ideas:

Say goodbye to disposable paper plates. Source a collection of vintage dishes from local consignment shops and garage sales à la Erin French. Pick up some pretty silverware and glass tumblers while you are at it.

Eclectic, vintage china and glassware has a unique way of blending with an array of décor choices, including popular trends for 2023. Edmon has seen a rise in casual garden parties, to more elegant tea parties and French themed events, all of which could incorporate vintage dishware with ease.

Sustainable Bridal Shower Dishes
Photo Credit: The Lost Kitchen
Sustainable Bridal Shower Napkins
Photo Credit: Creative Women

Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, if your guest list is small enough for this to be feasible.

If paper napkins are a must, avoid styles printed with metallic ink which typically cannot be recycled.

Serve Sustainable Food

Whether you plan to serve appetizers or a sit down meal, food plays a large part in bridal showers. There is ample opportunity to incorporate sustainability into your menu planning, often with delicious, farm-to-table results! We’ve provided a list of possible ways to go green with your food selection, understanding that not all options will fit everybody’s budget and/or tastes. Select a few items from the list below to reduce the environmental impact of your day — or go for it all!


  • Locally grown/raised food (reduced carbon footprint associated with transportation)
  • In season produce (reduced carbon footprint associated with food storage)
  • Organically raised/grown produce, meat and seafood (reduced use of pesticides)
  • Mostly plant-based dishes (reduced water usage and carbon footprint associated with livestock)
  • Family style dishes (minimized waste; guests take only what they want and leftovers can be saved and reserved)
  • The right amount (excessive food contributes to waste)

Compost food waste following the bridal shower, if you’re able to do so.

Organize an Heirloom Gift

Edmon notes that many brides are eschewing fast fashion and short-lived items, in exchange for high quality goods that are made to last. Celebrate the newlyweds by asking your guests to design squares for a patchwork wedding quilt. Quiltlove quilts are handmade, heirloom quality blankets made with minimal waste that can be passed down to generations to come. Sidenote: our studio is 100% solar powered!

According to Edmon, many bridal shower games have gone by the wayside, in favor of curating more heartfelt moments among guests such as a series of toasts and/or a special gift. Consider setting up a table with a couple of chairs and some simple art supplies (we love these pens) where guests can design their squares over the course of the party.

Sustainable Bridal Shower Gift
Guests can design quilt squares during the shower.

Decorate Thoughtfully

A few bouquets of locally grown flowers and/or branches will bring a festive (and compostable) look to your shower, as will twinkling strands of energy-efficient LED lights.

Considering decorating with live, potted plants that guests are invited to bring home as party favors, as opposed to items such as balloons and nonrecyclable ribbons.

Sustainable Bridal Shower Decor
Photo Credit: Weddingomania

Other Ideas for Throwing a Sustainable Bridal Shower

In addition to considering sustainable materials, food and décor and organizing a wedding quilt or other lasting, low-environmental impact gift, here are a few more ideas to make your bridal shower ecofriendly:

  • Email invitations, rather than purchasing paper stationery
  • Encourage guests to carpool
  • Choose a centrally located venue to minimize transportation emissions
  • Choose a venue that emphasizes sustainable operations
  • Ensure trash, recycling and compost bins are available and well-marked
  • Label glasses with tags or markers to encourage reuse

A huge thanks to Quiltlove friend Jen Edmon for sharing her thoughts! Have you been to a sustainable bridal shower or other ecofriendly party lately? If so, I would love to hear what it was like! Drop me a line to share your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading!


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