A preschool in my community recently organized a quilt to give as a thank you gift to a departing teacher and it came out so well, I wanted to share more about it! The children’s sweet teacher, who has rode the wild ride of caring for preschoolers during the pandemic, is leaving to travel the world, and then is off to graduate school. Cheers to that!

Preschool Teacher Thank You Gift

Tips for Organizing a Stunning Preschool Teacher Thank You Gift

  1. Choose one of our styles. Keep it simple by choosing one of our beautiful, curated fabric combinations for the squares surrounding your custom images. This thank you quilt is in our Tahoe style, which always looks so striking.
  2. Limit your color palette. For this quilt, the organizer gave the kids yellow, green, blue, brown and orange markers to draw pictures for their squares. Simply removing the red, pink, purple and black markers from the pack resulted in a refined and cohesive looking quilt, while still allowing the kids’ creative juices to flow.
  3. Mix up the media. This quilt features a combination of children’s drawings, group photographs, photo collages and text. The combination of media brings a richness to the quilt, and allows for many memories to be stitched together.
  4. Let it flow. Resist the desire to micromanage the artwork creation, whether among preschool children or adults! A “messy” or “bad” picture that was made with heart and personality will mean more than a “pretty” picture with someone else’s heavy hand in it.
Teacher Appreciation Gift
One quadrant of the quilt

A Sweet Send-Off

The woman who runs the preschool is excellent at building community among her staff and the children’s families, in addition to running a wonderful program. A couple of weeks ago, the school celebrated their teacher with a going away party and tonight staff are going out to dinner. What a wonderful way to send-off an incredible preschool teacher, packed with love and smiling faces from her littlest buddies!

Have you given or received a meaningful thank you, teacher appreciation or retirement gift? If so, I would love to hear what made it so special!

As always, thanks for reading!


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